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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1 weeks to go

Salam and hello everyones..
How re u guys?Hope u'll fine.Actually my holidays i spend time with family.1 of my brother's have sick..chicken pox.Since my mum n dad is not around because visits thier relative in Bandung,Indonesia.Oppss...i,m not born there.But my last gradpa have wife there before come to Malaysia.I have big families.I,m happy with them.
I love them so much and will pray everydays.
Thanks Allah for this precious moments for us.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Assignment2( Website)

This is my last assignment for this subject.After this, we are going to sit the Final Exam Here we go...

1) I,m using Macromedia Dreamweaver to develop the site's.After that make a screenshot using Adobe Photoshop.Start with Home Page.

2) About Me

A bit story about my self

3) Blog

Actually, from My Blog site..you can view also my blog too .I link it after I developed my blog page's.Another info also, each images (Large size infront) you also can click and go to blog site again.

4) My Gallery

This is a few images during my tutorial that I put inside and after you click the link of Tutorial there also can link to my blog site again.

5) Contact

Maybe other viewer needs my info but makesure only important things.They can contact me by email address or my current address or can contatc me with the following number.

6) Posting in Host

After done develop or creating website, I'll try to registered in free hosting.So that, other visitors or viewer can go through my site also and maybe can give me suggestion in order to improved my creativity and so on.This is my first trial.Hope You can enjoy also in order to creating and posting the site's.Have a good try for all.

Thanks a lot for my beloved Tutor Mdm Lydia and Lecturer Mr. Kamarulzaman,my mum,my love Halim and also to all my friends.Pray for me also for my Final Exam at 9th Oct 2008.
Thanks you so much

With Love

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Assignment1 (Postcard)

Salam and hello everyones..so today I would like to share with you guys about my art work for first Assignment that need us to create postcard..here we go..

1) This is the first thing we need to do..we need to set the size 5x7 and makesure the backgroound of the postcard is white..

2 ) We need to choose the image to set as background

The image become like this..

3) Then,I choosed the suitable image to put inside my postcard and I try to blend the images..

I try to resize the images and put as nice as can,add some text like "Morning and Night"And go to Wrap text and choose the style..so here i choose Fish..

4) Next, again I add some text and type 2008-->followed with the Lasso tools to cut the image.Here,I cut the firework and duplicate them..for the text I choosed the style..

5) Next, I add another images..So here, I choosed the Malaysia Flag..

6) Next, again I type the text "MERDEKA DAY'S, 12PM and KLCC"Set the size 48 and choose the suitable font..

7) Again I add another text to put below the image: Merdeka 51th

8) I add again another text to the right side..

9) And lastly, I put some text at the bottom: I love Malaysia..

This is the final result of my postcard..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This is our next tutorial. We will learned a new techqnique here..

1) We need to duplicate the channel, save as a new documents , apply blur and use a displacement map..here we go this is original image..

2) We need to create a marble effect using Clouds and different Clouds.

2) Reduce the opacity

3) Adjusting levels and colourize

4) After that we need to create alpha channel and adjust the levels

5) Name the layer of Basic Bump..

6) Use the filter effect- Fiber and Lighting effect to make the image look interesting..

7) Adjust the angle and surface properties

8) I will ty to create the wallpaper.Here I will choose marquee tools then select the color by using Ctrl+ alt+backsape..i duplicate the selected area to put the behind each others..

After that I will use the Calculations to combine the channels , add a stroke , and duplicate again.
The image become like this..

After that I try to invert the money...

I duplicate the vector , scale up the path ,fill with black ,feather and blur

Ok..this my last image..and the output is..........after I add a few effect inside the render

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tutorial 5

Hello Everyones...for this tutorial i'll be quite late to updated coz so many things I need to do b4
By the way , here we go:-)

This is the original image b4 i,m doing blending options

1) So, for the first steps we need to draw the flame by using Lasso Tool .Then, after that we need paint with white by using the Brush Tool

2) Next, we need to makesure to choose Gaussian Blur

3) Define the brush preset.

4 ) Make the final flame

5 ) After that, we need to define the area, set the colors,apply the Clouds filters and make a mask with a flame shape.

6 ) Paint in some white flames and adjust the opacity

7) Next, we can copy the flame for the right hand , flip and edit the shape to fit the hand and apply the blend mode.

8) Next, I ll try to blend with two images...

9) I'll add text "YOGA MAN" and choose the layer style.After that, I choose Render and followed by Lighting Effects and also do the Hue/Saturation to color his pant's

10) Finally, this is my output from this Tutorial

What do u thinks?Is it interesting?well,I can show u guys with the next tutorial.I'll stop here and will be continued later.See u guy and have a nice days.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tutorial 4

Salam n hello everyones..here i,m back again to posted my next tutorial.For this week I will learn about liquid effects

1) The first steps we need to do is open the imgae n choose Rust..here we go..enjoy n very interesting tutorial.

Then we need to view n choose Actual Pixel

2) Then ,, we need to choose Gradient Overlay to begin and create liquid effects in LAYER STYLES.We need to choose colors in Gradien Editor and adjust the Gradient Angle.

Then the layer become like this...

3) Next , we need to select the Inner shadows , drop shadow , outer glow and use global light and adjust the settings.Adjust smoothing , altitude , opacity , add contour and sets in range.

4) We need to adjust the smoothing , altitude and opacity, add the contour and set its ange.Then drag the layer into Styles Palette and name it. We need to click style and apply it to another selected layer.

5) After that we need to duplicate, make it blur and adjust levels of Green channel, define as pattern & use it as a texture.

6) This image show the blur...

7) Then we need to set layer blending options to blend interior effects as a group and reduce and fill opacity.This is the final image after followed the process..

How is it?interesting right? OK...you can see the next tutorial by next week with a new methods n concepts..SEE YA...have a nice days to all of you!!